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American Society for Mohs Histotechnology

Training/Staffing Resources

Disclaimer: The ASMH does not explicitly endorse any listed companies or their affiliates.

If you are looking to become a Mohs Technician, the companies listed below can help you take the first step in completing training:

*Beck Consulting & Associates, Inc.
Contact: Barbara S. Beck, HT (ASCP)

1220 Nettles Blvd
Jensen Beach, FL 34957
Phone: (828) 369-2315
Fax: (800) 282-3015

Beck Consulting provides the only accredited program for technical training and consulting for Mohs and Histology laboratories for more than 15 years! We offer complete technical assistance and training for Mohs and and Histology, as well as the ability to train on your own equipment in your own office, or one of our workshops. Become proficient in cutting Mohs and Histopathology sections, and experience full lab setups for both Derm Path and Mohs. Training includes CLIA/OSHA documentation. We have set up 1123 labs to date with zero deficiency ratings, and can create a procedure manual specific to your lab. Ask for our available references!