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American Society for Mohs Histotechnology

How Do I Become a Tech?

Members of the ASMH have followed a variety of paths to become practitioners, and while members may have different credentials and designations, through Mohs Technician trainings and established best practices, ASMH strives to encourage continuity and consistency of practice throughout the industry.

The American Society for Clinical Pathology has established guidelines by which laboratory professionals (both histotechnicians and histotechnologists) may earn certification. Currently, more than 150 ASMH members have earned these designations, and continue to build upon the educational foundation that the ASCP designation implies. While this may be the most directly established path to becoming a Mohs histotechnician, it is certainly not the only means to become a Mohs technician. Any technician who currently works for an American College of Moh Surgery (ACMS) member physician trained in an approved fellowship training program may join the ASMH and may continue to hone their skills in Mohs specific procedures.

The Mohs Technician training program is designed to further enhance the performance and quality of work to established Mohs technicians. Please visit the Mohs Technician Training page for additional information about this initiative.