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American Society for Mohs Histotechnology

Welcome to the new ASMH Bibliography! This bibliography is your resource and we strongly encourage you to explore it. Efforts will be made to keep the articles up to date and relevant to current best practices while keeping the scope wide enough to interest the broadest of minds. It is our intention to cover subjects ranging from basic lab techniques, Mohs embedding, cryotomy, routine and immunohistochemical staining, lab safety, ethics and work flow. This is a continually evolving project that will be guided by your feedback, suggestions and more importantly, your contributions, so please share interesting articles and send topic suggestions to

We sincerely hope this is of benefit to your continual growth as a Mohs Histology Technician, and as a critical member of your Mohs microscopic surgery team.

Melinda Chow, MS, HT (ASCP), Co-Chair ASMH Education/Resources Task Force
Kurt Hemmings, Co-Chair, ASMH Education/Resources Task Force