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American Society for Mohs Histotechnology

Recording Information

ASMH 2023 Annual Meeting Recording Information

What to Expect before your Recording Session
Here is a document that will explain the recording process as well as device setup and recording environment tips.

Booking Recording Time
If your session has more than one presenter, please be sure you communicate as a group as to which recording time would work best for you all. For those who are presenting multiple sessions, be sure you schedule separate recordings for each presentation. Book your recording session here:

Deadline to Record
All recordings must conclude by end of day on Wednesday, April 26th. This will give producers and our team enough time to ensure presentations are set to go.

Power Point Template
Here is an ASMH presentation template you are encouraged to use. If planning to use a generic template, please be sure that it does not include the ASMH logo as that cannot be cropped or duplicated, this is why we are providing you with a template with the proper ASMH logo.

Virtual Backgrounds
Here are two virtual backgrounds template 1  and template 2 you are welcome to use for your recording.