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American Society for Mohs Histotechnology

Mohs Technician Training Program

The Mohs Technician Training Program was created by the American College of Mohs Surgery (ACMS) to elevate the national standard of Mohs Histotechnology and strive toward a common level of excellence of Mohs Technicians. The Mohs Technician Training Program is designed to provide improved slide preparation technique to current Mohs Technicians whose employers recommend and approve such training. It should be noted that this training is not an official Histotech Certification program, nor is it intended to substitute training for techs with no experience. The Mohs Technician Training Program is designed to further enhance the performance and quality of work to established Mohs technicians with at least six months of experience in Mohs and are comfortable with using a cryostat.

There are two different Advanced Mohs Technician Training Program training options:

  • Advanced Mohs Tech Training - held in a classroom setting that supports both a comfortable lecture environment as well access to state of the art laboratory equipment for the hands-on portion of training. Currently offered three times a year.
  • On-site Individualized - designed as an intensive troubleshooting session, the personal Mohs Technician Training is tailored to meet the needs and goals of the trainee. This two-day training is scheduled at the trainee's workplace. Additional information is available here.

After successful completion of a training, attendees will get a certificate of completion. Mohs Technician training is approved for continuing education unit (CEU) contact hours by the National Society for Histotechnology, and attendees are eligible to receive credit for those hours.